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Gareth is highly experienced in helping to resolve disputes about the care and contact arrangements for your children, along with making important decisions like schooling or relocation either around New Zealand or overseas. He can help you navigate the complexities of the new Family Court system. 

Gareth Bodle legal expert in relationships family and divorce separation and child custody law at Belvedere Law, Hobsonville, Auckland.


Relationship Property

We can assist in settling relationship property disputes after separation. We can negotiate on your behalf, prepare separation agreements, and make applications to the Family Court if necessary.


Care and contact arrangements

We  can assist in settling disputes about the arrangements for your children after separation. We provide initial advice regarding parenting orders through the Family Legal Advice Service, and make urgent applications to Court if necessary.



We provide advice on your rights and responsibilities as a guardian of a child. We can help resolve guardianship disputes, and can apply to Court for orders regarding these decisions if no agreement can be reached. Guardianship disputes are commonly related to the child moving to another place, naming of a child, schooling and medical treatment. We can also advise on applications for additional guardianship, and other forms of guardianship such as testamentary guardians.


Domestic Violence

We specialise in providing urgent assistance if you and/or your children need to be protected from domestic violence:  temporary orders can be made on the day we see you if there is real urgency. We will give you information about other orders you may wish to seek, and the confidential support programmes available for you. We can also provide assistance if you have had a protection order made against you.



We can help you arrange DNA tests and, if necessary, take steps to have the other parent recorded on your child’s birth certificate.



We provide advice under the Protection, Personal and Property Rights Act. We can assist you in making applications to become a welfare guardian or property manager for someone, usually a family member or someone close to you, who otherwise lacks capacity.

We can also advise you of your rights and responsibilities under such orders.


Child Support

We can advise you about child support issues, help you with IRD administrative reviews, and prepare applications to the Family Court if agreement cannot be reached.





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