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09 416 6562

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Belvedere Law are specialists in buying and selling property in Auckland and Wairarapa.


We can assist you in:


Buying and selling property and leases

• Sale and purchase agreements

• Subdivisions and Property Development

• Mortgages and Finance Arrangements

• Refinancing


To protect your family, property and business assets we offer the following:


Wills - Everyone needs a current will to provide clarity and certainty about what should happen with your assets and personal possessions and how you would like your children cared for.


Enduring Powers of Attorney are for the situation when you or a family member can no longer make informed decisions about their care and/ or their property. The EPOA appoints a close and trusted person to carry out their wishes in the event that this occurs.


Trusts & Estate Planning keeps your complex family and business assets protected and administered according to your wishes.


Relationship Property Agreements & Separation

'Pre-nups' provide certainty in respect of your assets and possessions prior to entering a new relationship and in the event of a separation.

Gareth  Bodle office

Gareth Bodle LLB


M: 027 275 6565

Our Conveyancing Fees

We have standard set fees for buying and selling residential properties. These can be obtained by enquiring at our office. All transactions exclude GST and our standard disbursements. There are also Government fees relating to the transfer of property. Should the transaction become more involved, we will discuss this with your before proceeding. Prices are subject to change and may be updated from time to time.

Linda Wang Hobsonville Point lawyer

Haimei Linda Wang LLB, BIB, DipBA


M: 022 044 7119


• Buying, selling & leases

• Sale & Purchase

• Subdivision & Property

• Mortgages and Finance

• Refinancing

• Wills

• Enduring Power of Attorney

• Trust & Estate Planning

• Relationship Property
  Agreements & Separation

• Our Conveyancing Fees


• Commercial Leases

• Buying & Selling Businesses

• Liquor Licensing

• Subdivisions & Property

• Finance Arrangements



• Care & Contact Agreements

• Domestic Violence

• Guardianship

• Relationship Property

• Protection of Personal 
  Property Rights


• Mediation

• Negotiation


T: 09 416 6562  M: 027 275 6565


PO Box 317-001 Hobsonville Auckland 0664

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